Jalon Young

Hi, my name is Jalon Young. I'm a Web & UI Designer looking for new projects to take on. Please take a look through my portfolio to get a feel for my work and services I provide. If you like what you see, contact me and we can work on something cool.

About Me

Web Designer
& UI Designer.

I've been designing websites ever since I was 15 years old, and I haven't stopped since. I used to use tools like wix & weebly to make basic prebuilt websites.

Over the past 5 years, I've expanded my toolset to learn more tools that can make me a master at my craft. Now I build custom made websites that load fast and look great on all devices.

I now focus on making the best possible digital experience for all customers and users that visit websites I design.


Purdue University

CIT Major, Web Design Concentration, Class of 2022







Adobe XD

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Webpages I've Designed

Here are some of the brands I've designed webpages for. These are entirely of pure passion and not because I was hired by the brand or company (would be cool though).

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My Freelance Services

If you liked my work and want to see how I can reinvent your online identity for you brand, here are some of the services I provide. Please contact me and we can set up a zoom or call to talk about your project. Pricing & delivery varies based on scale of the project.


Case Studies

60 Second Case Studies

Here are some stories about some of my experiences building websites. All of these are quick reads and can be read in about 60 seconds or less.

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Why I made Facebook & Twitter

I've always wondered how to make a social media website like Facebook or Twitter, and what it would take to hold that many users uploading and downloading data. Out of curiosity I started devising a plan on how I can feasibly make my own social media.

How I made Konect.space

In 2018 I made a Facebook & Twitter clone called Konect.space, it's a website and app that allows users to create profiles, post messages, upload media, reply, and rate other users content. For the most part, the site is functional, however due to my server hosting some styling does not get loaded from time to time.

When I ran my college's Engineering website

In 2019 I got the opportunity to run my colleges engineering website as a webmaster. My role was to update the website according to the needs and requeust of the faculty & staff. During that time I learned a lot about professionalism and how to give estimates of due dates.

What I learned

One of the biggest skills I learned was how to properly allocate time and give estimations to projects.This really helped me communicate to faculty and staff how long their project should take and also helped me schedule future projects to get them done on time.

I tripled my local roofers leads

My local roofer needed a new website to help him generate leads for his business. I redesigned the website, but due to wordpress theme / plugin issues I couldn't touch the header or footer. After redesigning he still did not see the results he desired so I had to do something different.

SEO Backlinks

I started increasing the search engine optimization of the website to increase the amount of leads he got. I also made sure to get him local citations and SEO backlinks for popular websites, to increase his Google ranking. After a month or so went by his leads skyrocketed and now is exceeding his numbers for Q4 2020


Wanna Work

Can't wait to get you message, weather it be a project, a job opportunity, or you just saying Hi. I really do appreciate you taking the time to look through my portfolio and seeing my work.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can work together in the near future.

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