Latest Skills


Get a closer look at some of my Web Dev skills that might be useful to you or you buisness.

3D Embed
Embed 3D models that are able to dragged and manipulated on any device. This can be useful for any brand that would like to show off a physical product in detail and with a little more flare than a photo.
360 Interactive Images
Interactive 3D image with interactive tool tips that can link to any content on a new tab. Tooltips markers and induvial boxes can be customized. This is useful for any brand wanting to show off a physical space in detail.
Interactive Videos
Interactive video with tool tip prompts that can link to call to action to content while it's on screen. The tooltips also pause the video when clicked to not break user immersion. This is useful for a brand looking show off lots of product with call to aciton.
Interactive Images
Interactive tool tip images allow users to click on tips for an immediate call to action and link to a external page. This can be used by a brand to link to a certain aspect of the photo in further detail.
Dynamic Quizzes
Dynamic quizzes allow you to give your users different outputs based off their input. You can also see the inputs and outputs for each individual user on your CRM This is useful for giving quotes or discounts to users based on their inputs.
see in action
User Session Analytics
See who your users are, where they came from, how long they stayed, and even a session recording of there experience. All brands need analytic data on how their users interact with their site.

Get live session recordings and heatmaps.
Site Ranking Audit
Do you know the factors holding your site back from #1 in Google? Well with a site audit we can assess the state of your website and build a strategy to get you to #1 on Google for the desired keywords.
AI Article Generation
Need Weekly content but just can't find the time to write a blog? Don't worry, AI got you covered, with AI content generation you can make full blog post with clear outlines in seconds, but you may wanna give it a pair of eyeballs before you post.
Read ai blogpost
Sales Funnel Visual Strategy
Talking about a digital strategy plan can be a confusing and a headache without proper planning. With visual strategy you get a clear flowchart of how your funnel that is can be easily understood at a glance.
App Creation
Turn your website into an app that can be downloaded on the Apple & Google Appstore. This allows you to collect more user data than a standard website, and your users have a quicker way to interface with your brand
app in playstore
Fluid Animations
Add crisp, fluid, 4K animations to your page when images just aren't enough to cut it. Get fast loading animations at video quality that scale to anysize.
Webflow to Wordpress
(& Shopify)
Customize your site to your unique feel and brand in the most powerful web builder, Webflow. Then convert it over to WordPress or Shopify for more control or easier posting potential. The potential is limitless.
see webflow site
see wordpress site
Clean WordPress Backend
Get a clean backend experience on  WordPress that is appealing and ease to use. With custom menu's and a dark mode filter, make your backend pleasant to use for you and your team
Page Speed Optimization
In todays world having a fast loading page speed is crucial for mobile interaction. I can optimize your page to load as fast as possible, to capitalize on every click.
XD UI Design
Before I start Development, I design the UI in Adobe XD to work with the client to develop a design that fits there brand and desired aesthetic. Once we agree on design, I can start on development
Photoshop Asset Development
Get custom, unique assets that fit your brands style and aesthetic. I'll also optimize each assets to load on as fast as possible.
Webflow Development
I can develop a unique website with Webflow that is tailored to your brands aesthetic and add in a plethora of custom features and fluid animations.
Elementor Development
I can design a beautiful site in Elementor with a quick turn around time and an attractive backend dashboard for you to effortlessly create blogpost or update pages.
Shopify Development
I can build your customers a clean shopping experience and your team can have a easy to understand dashboard to fulfill your customers orders.
And more coming soon...... (I'm always Learning)