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When a person clicks on your website, what is the desired outcome

What's the desired outcome for your brand when a customer or visitor clicks on your website, so I can best develop a strategy around optimizing and increasing that outcome.

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Do you have Existing Assets & Copy

Does your brand already have clearly defined assets like Images & Video and written copy (text) in your brands voice to be consistent across Web, Email, & Text, and other Signage?

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Do you have an Existing Digital marketing strategy?

Does your brand already have a strategy or current system in place to collect users data and then send your users messages through a
Email, Text, or Call Campaign?

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Do You Have a Physical Location

Does your brand have a physical storefront or location?

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Do You Want to Rank High in Google

Do you care to rank to high in Google or is that a concern of you right now?

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I can't wait to meet you, tell me a bit about your self

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